Skin Care

Right from the birth of your baby you will be assailed by many doubts concerning his proper care and looking after. These doubts always arise because of not knowing whether something is normal or not knowing what is best for the newborn baby.

Until the first few weeks have elapsed, everything will be a new experience for you. Every day you will notice some detail you had not seen before. This progressive familiarisation with your baby will lead you to ask many questions: is it normal for him to have these patches? How should I bathe him? Which is the best lotion to use? Should I …

Baby’s skin and caring for it properly are things that are constantly on a mother’s mind because the skin is the most visible part of the body and also the most exposed as it protects the body from external aggressions.

As soon as you hold baby in your arms you will start finding a lot of small “defects”, which are no such thing and which are quite normal in all newborn babies.